This is how this female looks now after losing 352 pounds!

Although Nikki Weber, an American woman, is only 34 years old, she has been overweight her entire life due to her insatiable appetite for cakes and hamburgers.

The girl, as she got older, understood that she needed to reduce weight and tried to follow rigid regimens. But each time, she lost control and started devouring sugary and fatty stuff. And as soon as she hit 650 pounds, she understood that she had to make changes in her life.

Then, Nikki was essentially unable to walk or get out of bed without assistance, so she moved in with her parents since they did not view her daughter’s issue as a general one and did not make an effort to encourage her to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even better, they devised a unique device to lift meals to her on the second story.

The “My entire 661 pounds” program came to the rescue. Nikki received an invitation to take part in the activity. The program encourages and works to assist obese persons in losing weight. The youngster had surgery to have her stomach reduced in size, and nutritionists created a custom diet for her.

Nikki was quite anxious and questioned her ability to control her urges and if she would be successful, but her worries were unfounded. She gathered herself and overcome her fears. After the procedure, she lost 198 lbs.

In the end, Nikki was able to shed 352 pounds and had a second procedure to remove extra, sagging skin that might weigh up to 55 pounds. Nikki is at 198 pounds, but she is not content with that; she exercises regularly and walks a lot every day. Nikki herself still finds it hard to believe that she was able to drop weight and transform into a stunning woman leading an ordinary life.

Nikki and Marcus met while both were members of the gym. They immediately fell in love with one another.

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This is how this female looks now after losing 352 pounds!
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