There is no shame at all! Prеgnant RiRi nаked in public

There is no shame at all! nude pregnant RiRi in public

Despite its location, the star has the ability to surprise people.

They continue to go out and have fun despite the fact that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting their second child. Recently, the duo attended the birthday party for billionaire Alexander Arno, where the singer displayed an extremely revealing gown.

The celebrity captured the attention of everyone else in the vicinity. Rihanna wore a very short skirt and a fur top. The soft fur coat and lace-up shoes completed the look. Despite the fact that the apparel tends to be warm, the artist decided not to display any belly.

A$AP Rocky, meanwhile, opted for a more understated look, dressing in a stylish leather jacket, a white shirt, and gray knee-length shorts.

Despite the star’s position, he continues to amaze people.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky still have fun despite the fact that they are expecting their second child. The two recently attended billionaire Alexander Arno’s birthday celebration, where the singer wore a rather exposing dress.

Everyone was interested in the star. Rihanna donned a fur top over a very low skirt. The outfit was finished off with a gorgeous fur coat and lace-up shoes. Despite wearing a warm garment, the artist kept her midriff exposed.

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