Emily wore a hot biкini as she poses in front of a bridge

In this photo, Emily is seen posing in a hot bikini in front of a bridge.

The gorgeous model also shared pictures of herself lounging on a New York City sidewalk in a crop top and cargo leggings.

On April 27, 31-year-old Emily Ratajkowski posted a slew of very sensual pictures to her Instagram page. The model is seen posing in the pictures wearing several costumes, one of which is a red bikini with a pattern from her swimwear line. In this specific bikini, the girl’s entire behind is shown.

She remained in New York State and was in New York City.

She had her long hair down, various necklaces and jewelry on, and was standing in front of a bridge with the water visible behind her.

In addition, the model sported a bikini with a leopard design, a short skirt, jeans, a crop top with a red pattern, cargo trousers in a light brown color, and white sneakers. At one point in time, she rocked a pair of sunglasses, and her makeup was amazing, drawing attention to all of her best attributes. In some of the photographs, she is also seen with her hair pulled back.

One of her other photo projects, which she conducted around the same time, was in Spain. She walked around holding white plastic bags and had short blonde hair with a fringe. As a result, she was absolutely unrecognisable.

She also put on an understated costume consisting of a brown cardigan layered over top of a white shirt with a collar, a white skirt that was knee-length, and a top. She added a pair of black slip-on shoes with bows at the front and short heels to complete the look.

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