“He Ended His Career For Her!” How Matt Leblanc’s Daughter Looks Now

Matt did not plan to become an actor. He was brought to the cinema by accident, and the first projects did not bring any money at all. But then Friends happened, and Leblanc became a celebrity.

The series ended on May 6, 2004, and a year earlier, the actor married Melissa McKnight and became a father at the same time. The girl Marina Pearl Leblanc was born, who stole daddy’s heart from the very beginning.
“I distinctly remember the day she was born. When I saw her, I immediately fell in love and felt that something inside me had changed. I could not believe it. At that moment, I realized that I would love her no matter what, even if she crashed my car, ”Leblanc said.

Alas, the joy of fatherhood was overshadowed by the girl’s illness: at the age of 8 months, Marina began to have seizures. She was soon diagnosed with focal cortical dysplasia, a brain disorder that affects neurological function. To be close to the baby, Matt began to act less.

In October 2006, Leblanc divorced his wife and completely retired from television: “I didn’t want to play fun, a lot of things happened in life … I don’t know if my marriage was doomed to failure, because we had a great relationship. Maybe they got worse because of my daughter’s illness, maybe I lost myself by focusing too much on my work.”

“For many years, I hardly left the house. I’m so tired. I did not want to see anyone or have any obligations, which I followed. Most actors call their agents and ask if there is a job for them. I called mine and told him to lose my number for a few years. It was hard. I almost lost my mind, ”Matt admitted.

Fortunately, Marina overcame the disease and over the years became an absolutely healthy girl.

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