We decided (like most people on the ridge that day) to avoid the Bad Step and take the alternate way around which is quite eroded but easy. To the west lies a wide expanse of still high boggy ground, Eskdale is a long way from the ridge and even further from Langdale. Superb fell walking on a superb ridge. Here go through the pedestrian gate on the left hand side of the pens - as directed by more signs. Here are some examples: Walk height profile 18 team members for 4 hours. The Bad Step, Crinkle Crags. View all tagged images - In Browser. Crinkle Crags is a fine and rugged mountain with a distinctive profile as seen from Great Langdale. Even today the path across the crinkles is intermittent at times, little more than crampon scratches and smoothed rock from the passage of boots over rough edges to give the game away. We were now at over 700 metres high and approaching the Crinkle Crags Traverse. One route I'm considering involves descending Crinkle Crags to the south. And there's no need for the climbers amongst you to sit there smirking! ... 9 – From Long Top, the path naturally guides you to the Bad Step, a famed declivity which can pose a challenge to some. The second “crinkle” has the Bad Step and it looks pretty daunting, even from a distance. Crinkle Crags and Bowfell in the English Lake District. Attempting an inviting scree gully to descend from bad weather is not recommended. Photographer : Lou Johnson. Views are a good enough reason to halt for Friday, 29 April, 2011 - 16:00. From the summit cairn turn round and bear right to head slightly east of north, follow the path down on to the rest of the ridge. Length 7.9 mi Elevation gain 3008 ft Route type Loop. An alternative path exists around either side (left being the safer) so there is no need to do the scramble to summit the mountain from this direction. He was treated and stabilised by team members and evacuated a short distance to a waiting RAF helicopter. google_ad_height = 90; Crinkle Crags - The Bad Step. TrotOn on 06/11/17 @ 21:15 said: Catherine: Cracking comment Spring on 14/11/17 @ 10:00 said: There is no such thing as a bad step for our Nelson! google_color_url = "332200"; Dog walkers should always take the bypass. The Bad Step - "Chicken-hearted walkers, muttering something about discretion being the better part of valour, will sneak away and circumvent the difficulty by following the authors footsteps around the left flank of the buttress" The Alternative route around The Bad Step, Crinkle Crags, for chicken hearted walkers only including myself on many occasions !! The path from here goes up through that gully, you can see that there is a little bit of a climb in it, that's called The Bad Step. A … Helvellyn beyond High Raise. The bypass we describe in the the walk instructions is the recommended Normally I’m fine down climbing but it really had me flummoxed. Bowfell and Crinkle Crags, Seascale Picture: The "Bad Step" - not so bad. I was on Crinkle Crags yesterday, and I’ve previously only done the bad step once going up (which was no drama). A couple become disorientated and lost having tried to avoid the Bad Step on Crinkle Crags. A modest walk in distance terms, but one not to be underestimated. In 50m (55 yards) as the road turns 90° left, go straight ahead through the gate on to the tarmac driveway to Stool End Farm. note that gradients are usually grossly exaggerated. for the second and highest you cannot help but notice the gully The drag gained us over 500 metres in height in less than 2 miles and soon after Great Knott which can easily be mistaken as one of the Crinkle Crags the going got much easier. Bad Step. Having been up and down several times now, I can say that up is much easier than down. westwards for Great Knott and the mossy boglands between it and the first Climbing alongside Browney Gill the gradient eases a little, and the rock is stained red. The main way we fund this work is by selling our walks as PDFs for printing. Fellwalking. It was much easier going down than I can imagine it is climbing up, but still involving lots of scrambling. pitched and easily followed. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Climb up of scree. This is the Bad Step. //-->. route for walkers. along and down The Band. Much of the path is stone posted on 05/11/2017 by TrotOn. I'm 50, fairly fit, and will be carrying full camping kit. google_color_link = "332200"; Yet a crossing of this amazing piece of natural architecture is Despite all of the information I read online, I somehow ended up descending Crinkle Crags down the Bad Step! It is not a difficult scramble but is very steep (near verticle) and only a couple of metres of any real exposure. The name reflects the fell's physical appearance as its summit ridge is a series of five rises and depressions that are very distinctive from the valley floor. Gt Langdale. A feature known as the "Bad Step" on the highest crinkle is surmountable with care and a little knowledge, or a bypass to the left ascended with ease. crinkle. It is here that the intimidated turn back with the mission unaccomplished. Similarly a couple of young lads ahead of me had to give up and skirt to the left and down the grassy slope (as in the runners photo). Deep snow and the path to the 3rd and 4th Crinkles.