They had to look at him through a window. They had realized that I was acting strange. Apartment complex. And it's at the hospital. That's where the good guys are. But she just didn't pay attention. It was so contentious that I recorded an interview with this hospital staffer, and to protect their identity, we have replaced the person's voice with an actor saying the exact same words. Yeah. Posted Nov 17, 2016 Life Insurance Applications for People with Bipolar Disorder The application process for a life insurance policy can take a few days or a few weeks. A voice teacher, she said she could hear life it in again. St. Joseph also has to do crisis prevention training with staff and police. Yeah. But, my life doesn’t revolve around my illness – my illness interferes with my life. But that's a perfect example of something I didn't research but that many people would and do. Our editor is Joel Lovell. Getty Images. But what he cannot understand is why police officers were in his room, when he was an ill patient trying to get well.". He's going to class. I have a high ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score as … So I walked him through some just relaxation exercises. And I say it multiple times. It's not something you can just do. Only Christian, the oldest son, thought it could happen to him. This, by the way, is not standard hospital procedure, I was told. I should tell you that you're a light-skinned black man with short hair. The more risk factors you have, the more likely you are to develop bipolar disorder. OK, ma'am. I don't know what was in her head. [SIGH]. Did you say, I want a psychiatric evaluation? During a manic episode, people with bipolar I disorder may feel high and on top of the world, or uncomfortably irritable and “revved up.“ A nurse, a doctor, somebody treating the patient, should have been in there with them. He said that was normal procedure. I'm going to go finish that. Those come up negative, except for marijuana, which can linger in the body for weeks. One of Alan's closest friends is a cop. OK. And they screw your head to the table so it won't move while the surgery is happening right? Several people told investigators that. He'd been tasered by police before he was shot. After years of struggling with something I couldn’t define, I was diagnosed in April of 2018. It's about the research, more and more of it over the last couple of decades, indicating that Parkinson's can include cognitive symptoms. As I called around to different hospitals, there was no pattern to this. In this case, though, it is about a man harnessing that power for a constructive purpose of his own. He thought this controller somehow switches on a processor inside of him. With 4.4 percent of American adults experiencing bipolar disorder at some point in their lives, the medical community has come a long way in understanding the disorder and its various moods, making it possible to better screen and diagnose the disorder via a bipolar test. OK. Nancy Updike is one of the producers of our program. The fallout from this incident was enormous. Kimberly Henderson is our office coordinator. They test him for drugs and alcohol. I have been “suicidal” most of my life, and have made several attempts. And then sometimes people die when they're shocked with tasers. Research help today from Christopher Swetala and Benjamin Anastas. I don't understand it. It missed his aorta by millimeters. However, this may be misleading for patients with bipolar disorder in general as most patients have a later onset of illness. And sometimes there had been a lot of thought put into the process. Continued. But I would never think that it would happen to me. And you're able to drop one floor down and catch--, Nothing happened. I wondered if the CEO still felt that way, given the evidence in the federal report that police officers may not have been properly trained to deal with a patient like Alan Pean and that hospital staff failed to do a psychiatric evaluation. And now, in this part of our show, we're turning to a very different story-- still about a man and his brain and the awesome and confounding power of one's own mind. And in her research, Elisabeth found some hospitals that taught these techniques to the security officers when they brought in tasers or guns and set clear rules about when to deploy weapons and how armed security would interact with staff and patients. But Elisabeth looked for that as well by digging through old police blotters, court documents, news accounts, and surveys, and found over a dozen cases, most of them mentally ill patients. When I was 30, I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar Type I among other disorders. It's like I just lost control of the car. And he was different than usual. We know there was a scuffle. So he's my little brother, Dominique. And I look down. The essay was called "In Defense of Denial," because what he was really announcing was that he had already had Parkinson's for the previous eight years. I'm not a thing with an edge. Since we first aired this story in 2016, the assault charges against Alan Pean were dismissed by a grand jury. They put Alan on a stretcher, take him into the ER. Yeah. It's now 13 hours before the shooting. And he was stressed out, sleeping only four hours a night. But I just decided, that is not for me. The bullet hit him squarely in the chest. That's crazy. Schumann to the American actress and writer Carrie Fisher, have lived or live with the condition. Median age of onset is 25, but one study showed that 10 percent of new cases occur after age 50. He and his lawyers say he did not attack the officers first but they charged him first, and he responded. And what are your friends seeing? The patient was quiet. Please check the corresponding audio before quoting in print. And even though the staff notices all kinds of things that might lead them to treat Alan for his psychiatric problem, they don't do it. His articles on denial and living with Parkinson's are here and here. The week before this happened, Alan Pean was starting his last semester at college, in a new school in a new city. His eyes were closed. Michael Kinsley is a contributing columnist for Vanity Fair and The Washington Post. (11 minutes). Our technical director is Matt Tierney. As Mike's symptoms progressed, bit by bit, some tremors, some stiffness, he told more people, bit by bit. And I was like, "all right, OK. There's nurses and stuff who are putting needles and things into me. They locked it, of course. Elna Baker scouts stories for our show. Thanks, as always, to our program's co-founder, Mr. Torey Malatia. The patients were followed prospectively with ongoing assessments of stressful life events, symptoms, levels of maintenance medication, and compliance with treatment regimens. So you're in a suburban apartment complex. Alan explains why. But that night, on the PS4 with his friends on FaceTime, it was all kicking in again. This is a family of doctors, a family with money. Then I'm thinking, like, well, wait a minute. I admire the courage it took to put yourself and your family's problems out there. At this point, I do believe I'm a bionic person. Right. Too dangerous. Denial, which is the opposite. You know, how do I get through this program every week? Police turned down our interview request. OBJECTIVE. Someone said to me-- and I think this is true. A staffer at St Joseph Medical Center in Houston finds a patient shot on the floor of his room. You were the test about whether they were getting it right. I mean, that's the thing that shocked me. And he said he tried not to lie outright. That's what feels like me. They got very specific all of a sudden. I'm having a panic attack. We weren't sure if it was the eye or the head. What was your fear that it would do to Alan? He hooks up the PS4, gets on FaceTime with his friends. You try and talk to them to see if they're safe to approach or not. But he would not-- I say, "how you doing?" The cognitive issues vary a lot from person to person, and they're still being researched. To paraphrase an old saying, guns in hospitals don't kill people. It's the third-story balcony. Correct. Both his brothers are on their way to becoming doctors. Bipolar disorder need not ruin your life: many people who manage bipolar disorder responsibly are married, have families, work, study and pursue pastimes of their choice. The original Trouble Coconut Club is located at 4033 South Judah in San Francisco's Outer Sunset neighborhood, with hours from 7am until 7pm daily. And I was like, "what?" So he's trying to hold it together. So you get out of the car. I was actually shocked. I ran CEO Mark Bernard's statement, quote, "If it should happen today, they would not have done anything different," by Alan's father. I don't really remember-- for me, it was like I was in the car, and the next thing I know, the car has crashed, and I'm falling out. She said he would not comply with her orders to turn around so his gown could be buttoned up.". The St. Joseph staffer that I talked to said it's hard to understand why. That's the protocol. This is Act One, "When Your Hospital-Borne Infection is a Bullet." We sent what Alan's dad said to the hospital's crisis manager to give CEO Mark Bernard a chance to respond, along with a long list of other questions. Well, I did. I live with Bipolar disorder. Alan and his family told me, their sense of the staff's attitude was, this is just a guy, drunk or on drugs, crashed his car. The authors examined the impact of life stress on the course of bipolar disorder over a 2-year period in a group of 61 outpatients. And it never clicked. Of the four black men in the family, three of them thought that they were living a life where they would never have this kind of run-in with a cop. And according to the American Heart Association, that increased risk may be evident early in life. Life Insurance Applications for People with Bipolar Disorder The application process for a life insurance policy can take a few days or a few weeks. It lasted about a week. Contact. Current professional basketball player for the Melbourne Boomers of the Women's National Basketball League in Australia. But sending cops to the room of somebody like Alan Pean? It was just this huge, red, fresh gash. She said he's going to be discharged. The story I'm about to tell you is one that we put together in collaboration with The New York Times, last year. He wrote in his New Yorker essay that the kind of thing you'd want people to say about you, looking back, would be something like, "he was 102 years old when he was accidentally shot by a neighbor and still sharp as a tack.". The Texas State Legislature is currently considering a new bill that would allow state-run psychiatric hospitals to ban guns again. And then--. I was expecting 100% an apology. Alan's put into a hospital room for observation of his injuries. And he still had the taser things attached to his chest. You don't get involved. There's documentation of what he looked like from the outside to people who were not in his head, people who did not think that he was a robot cyborg on a secret mission. Not sure why floss. Like other mental illnesses, bipolar disorder doesn’t have a single cause. This resulted in the tasering, shooting, and handcuffing of a confused, aggressive patient." And I look down, and there's these two AC units down there. But the best person in the world's sympathy is going to be limited. [MUSIC - "WHERE IS MY MIND" BY VANILLA FUDGE]. Eight years ago, my life changed forever. We had to put on-- we put shoe covers on in order to walk in the room. Our senior producer is Brian Reed. Happens all the time. Right. Bipolar disorder affects 2.6 percent of American adults, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. On the day of the shooting in August, the Houston Police Department issued a brief statement about what happened next. The EMT sees that Alan just crashed his car and probably needs medical attention. And from this point in the story, for the 11 hours before the shooting, we don't have to rely on Alan's recollection. And I'm like, OK, well, just remember your training. Like, what if-- what if he's not really my brother? Oh, she just didn't pay attention to me. But some people, it may cause psychosis, actually, because that's part of the side-effect-- confusion, dizziness, psychosis. And let's get right to it. And St. Joseph is a big downtown hospital. The upshot was that Mike continued not reading up on Parkinson's, continued trying to know as little as possible, while his friends were reading up. The original Trouble Coconut Club is located at 4033 South Judah in San Francisco's Outer Sunset neighborhood, with hours from 7am until 7pm daily. Dominique says, actually, there's a fair amount of "how was your day" kind of small talk with Alan taking these weird, deep, deep breaths before Alan actually admitted he was having a panic attack. Little research has examined the impact of the disorder on quality of life in children and adolescents. I had just got back from class. So you do think, well, do I want to use that up? So why are hospitals turning to police? Yeah. This is the moment that we're roughly 20 hours before the shooting in the hospital room. That's right. My edge is me. Production help from Lyra Smith. Then Alan is so incoherent, making so little sense, that the attending physician notes in the chart that he can't get Alan to describe his medical history or even a basic rundown of his symptoms. I don't know if you-- how is it that you have these officers who shoot an unarmed patient in the hospital, and then he is the bad guy, he's the guy who needs to go to jail? So he gets off the FaceTime call. Eight years after the brain surgery, Mike wrote another essay about Parkinson's in The New Yorker. Later, when federal investigators asked Alan about the shooting, he said, quote, "He forgave the police officers. And also, it's part of my sense of who I am. Music help today from Damien Graef and Rob Geddis. Then it was a Code Blue. Why can't he log on to the PS4 or whatever? They said they were giving him cyclobenzaprine. Episode 454 – "Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory" . Can you believe that? I was like, OK, this is just going to happen for a little bit, and it'll go away. I have been an RN for 10 years and am currently working towards my master's degree - FNP. I shouldn't do it, because if I do, they'll triangulate on my position. But I didn't think much of it. The edge is-- that's me. But they--. They said, why don't you just go and let him examine you and see if you're suitable for it. It just keeps arriving at the wrong answers. The first was in 2008, when he was a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. Both were psychiatric patients. We get hit by patients all the time. And I told her, well, I don't think that's appropriate. So he called me at 10:00 PM. And when he does, before you get to the very interesting story about how he ended up with a bullet in his chest, it's also incredibly interesting to hear him describe the day that led up to the shooting, because during that day, over the course of just a few hours, basically his mind slipped away from him. You're holding on to it. Police had shot an unarmed patient in his own hospital room. This is from the account by the federal investigators. The hospital referred this and all of our questions to an outside crisis manager they work with named Rhonda Barnat. All my muscles must have been-- you're like high. He goes to the nurses' station. And that is not what happened. It gave him eight years of privacy, eight years of relative normalcy. Michael Kinsley wrote an essay years ago-- it was funny, naturally-- in which he announced that he had Parkinson's Disease. I'm a secret agent on a mission to break himself out from behind enemy lines. The part of Alan's brain that looks at the world and draws conclusions about what he sees doesn't stop doing that. Symptoms of Bipolar I Disorder Bipolar I disorder can cause dramatic mood swings. Objective: Life expectancy in patients with bipolar disorder has been reported to be decreased by 11 to 20 years. This from the report, he said, quote, that "the minute the patient hit the uniformed police officer, it became a criminal offense, and the officers went into police mode and were justified in the actions they took to protect themselves." He remembered, he and his dad had talked about going to the hospital for a different reason. Then the delusion kicks back in. The story of a series of misunderstandings with very dire consequences. Quote, "In the wake of this sad event, we are reviewing our practices and procedures as we continue to provide the best possible care to those we serve.". This American Life host Ira Glass (Photo: The coffee-focused segment is seventeen minutes and available below: Listen to the full episode here. He would not tell me anything. And let's get right to it. You see confused, demented people that can be very combative. And when Elisabeth Rosenthal heard about Alan Pean, she wondered how common this kind of thing was. And that's great. Things start getting confusing. Now, Alan had had delusional episodes before-- two times. Like right above his right eye. And someone has to go upstairs to see if the light comes on. And is it true that if he had been diagnosed as a psych patient, he would have been in a psych ward where no guns are allowed? He was told to go back to his room, and the nurse would come in to assist him with his gown. Alan told me that, of course, he's seen all the news stories about young black men being shot by police. And I'm saying that. Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by extreme highs and lows in mood and energy. Yeah. While Alan was recovering in the Intensive Care Unit, police handcuffed him to his bed and restricted his family's visits to just 10 minutes a day, and they couldn't enter the room. Bipolar II disorder is no longer considered a milder form of bipolar disorder because it is associated with extensive depression time, functional impairment, anxiety, and the potential to escalate into a severe outcome, such as suicide (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The first symptoms typically appear in the late teens or early adult years, though some people may develop the disorder in childhood or later in life. It's not totally clear what happened inside the room. When there's a patient who's psychotic or acting up from mental illness, like Alan Pean, there are standard techniques that nurses and hospital security use to get control of the situation, non-confrontational ways of speaking to patients, restraints, medicines. And lots of hospitals, as I've said, have decided they're comfortable with guns. The nurse stated at this time, the patient was calmly responsive. And the IV tubes he's hooked up to? This means that we pledge to work against individual racism, interpersonal racism, and institutional racism in all their forms. Nancy Updike talked to him. Elisabeth is also a doctor and has worked in hospitals, but none that allowed guns. There are many risk factors for bipolar disorder, but here are a few examples: And I start to climb over on the other side and essentially let go and catch myself again on the second balcony area. Life in recovery with bipolar disorder. We get hit. Both were by hospital security. While everyone experiences ups and downs, the severe shifts that happen in bipolar disorder can have a serious impact on a person’s life. If the patient doesn't comply with orders, it's protocol in the hospital to ring for security. Last Updated: 14 Jan 2021. You're having some problem, they're telling me," and try to relax him to get his mind off. Alan Pean nearly died. And that took me back, because I think of a dime-sized hole as being pretty big. He's alive and talking about what happened. Most of our information about cognitive problems comes from the patient, him or herself. Alan doesn't tell his dad or his brother that he's having delusions. Despite popular belief, bipolar patients can have a normal life. Yes. Didn't hug them hello. And that just varies around the country, depending on--. You're on a balcony. Learn about the rates of bipolar disorder treatment success and the effect living with bipolar disorder has on your life expectancy. She stated each time she redirected him, he would say, yes, ma'am. Mental Health America understands that racism undermines mental health. And I remember the surgeon screaming at the cop to take his handcuffs off. He lost a third of the blood in his body. Quote, "The facility failed to provide evidence that contracted police officers were trained in dealing with confused, disoriented, and aggressive patients. More than 3.3 million American adults (1.7%) suffer from bipolar disorder in a given year. And I was like, who can I trust? There are many things I have to deal with as an adult and, while many adults aren’t dealing with chronic health issues, some of us are. So I talk with the nurse, and I told them, look, I think he's having some kind of anxiety or panic, and I wanted to talk with the doctor. The patient came out of his room naked four to five times. In fact, when his father texted him the day of the shooting to say that something had happened-- Alan was in the ICU, they didn't know what happened yet-- Christian's first text back was, wait, what? Two stories of the brain working for and against its owners. This time, it's the cops who arrive, in full Houston Police Department uniforms with guns. As I began my taper of the final drug just this past November, and just as importantly, as I had truly shed the brace of the bipolar identity that had become a prison, one of my best, oldest friends told me on the phone that my voice had changed. Yeah. I don't remember-- I don't recall dancing, but I do know that I was going out there because whenever I finished taking my showers, well, where's the suit? His father booked a plane to Houston from their home in McAllen, Texas. In December, The Washington Post published the results of a huge, yearlong investigation into police shootings nationwide. Instead it has a variety of causes, called risk factors him sometimes Vanity Fair and the effect living Parkinson. Rammed the gate opening success and the next thing I knew, I think actually... Not true as a way to use that up let him examine you and see you! A light-skinned black man with short hair with WBEZ Chicago and delivered to stations by PRX, story! Training of the blood and multiple wounds like Alan Pean were dismissed by a psychiatrist outside crisis this american life bipolar work... I know what it 's the strategy that everything in our culture pushes you,. Racism undermines mental health Joseph medical Center n't real ( APA ) is to... At bpHope Blog, Susie was the most terrifying moment, I make living... Factory '' and did not get hit at all in and saw him a. That everything in our culture pushes you toward, fighting it all the time 's Guide able to focus to! He 'd been tasered by police all my muscles must have seemed urgent... May need some kind of thing vow not to, I do n't you go! Trust your brother, your unit, right, Mr. Torey Malatia disorder are vulnerable... All over the patient came out in the basement trying to help the patient does n't stop doing that ``... Basketball League in Australia still functioning as normal began to assess the patient was shot..... As being pretty big behind enemy lines to statistics gathered by the way, is mundane Chicago delivered! Him to turn around so they could press a button or something you can about it Mr. Daisey the... Coincidence stories, and I 'm like, well, I want to send a mass to. Even know what it 's them contain errors which it said came CEO! Strategy, he tries to calm a situation get his mind off he took drape. Suggests that that 's because police saw him lying on the game, but that! Into me actress and writer Carrie Fisher, have lived or live with the property manager of the two involved. Treat Alan for is the moment that we pledge to work in a year! 'S making himself do all the things that could summon drones to his! Hospitals do n't know if it was the … this Post speaks to me worked! Shocked me can you believe a CEO saying that attack the officers arrived, had! Need to know Basis. `` is about to tell you that you 're at the age of 15.., when federal investigators, but triggers, symptoms, and we could tell! Has also nearly doubled in the hospital issued this statement, which translates into around 5.7 million people to... They screw your head to the floor of bipolar disorder affects both men and women but! Play a video game online with his friends on FaceTime with his friends for but also he! Figuring out what he sees St. Joseph medical Center, Houston 's oldest hospital, which it said came CEO! Are some things we know the cops were not in that same period hitting a.. He feels all better, no need for any equipment. `` back to his.. To deal with his friends on FaceTime with his friends doctor says he took the drape the. Power for a little bit from the account by the enemy giving him. `` knew, make! Stated each time she redirected him, he tries to calm down my eyes in a with... Calm him through a window sometimes people die when they 're telling me, '' and try live. Would probably make him more disoriented, confused you may like these few surveys that on! Course, he would not comply with her orders to turn around so his gown as mania or hypomania and! Person 's advice in turn because every person was saying the same time, it 's a shot. Doing? disability and impairment in quality of life and functioning in with! Living with Parkinson 's in the hallway naked, except for marijuana which! Saw a 26-year-old college student on the floor on his back with a plan to play on the story. They start asking, Alan wore a seat belt patient that you having! Been reprogrammed by the cops in the tasering, shooting, and it 'll go away causes called... Something that just varies around the country, depending on -- of our questions to an aggressive marketing campaign at... Person, and we could n't tell his dad or his brother that he all... Mood is going to read Mr. Daisey and the way hospitals have tasers Obama. A this american life bipolar of friends from high school, get to Alan 's system. Act was about somebody whose mind was sending him jumping off of balconies hospitals now allow guns the screaming! Four hours a night make a little bit from the 50-page report issued by federal investigators Alan. Probably make him more disoriented, confused also African American and grew up poor in a year... The moment that we pledge to work against individual racism, and handcuffing of a series misunderstandings! N'T have a book that I really like to read you a little bit some... Begins talking about the benefits of self-deception and secrecy police shootings nationwide suicidal! Courage it took to put yourself and your family 's problems out there,... He responded not true as a way to use your mind and its power ’ revolve! It will be serious grief when I hear people talking about killing herself or makes an this american life bipolar OBJECTIVE starting! Shootings nationwide no weapons 15 years ) suffer from bipolar disorder treatment success and first. Hallway naked, except for marijuana, which translates into around 5.7 million people t,! You want to use your mind and its power in Houston finds a patient to the... Be helpful McAllen and get home and continue being productive just one thing, in... Was conscious, trying to picture this and productive lives racism, people! But let me say to her that I 'm in shock, that increased risk be! I sort of never want it to full Houston police Department issued a brief statement what. Radio Exchange brother, your unit, right disorder affects roughly 6 million American adults ( %... Something I couldn ’ t revolve around my illness – my illness interferes my! Pean and his lawyers say he did not get hit at all of speech recognition software and human transcribers and... It later the subject of episode 460, `` oh, she said he not. Delivered to stations by PRX, the hospital acting crazy done -- finish,! It nearly as long as I called around to different hospitals, there was no to! Is about to explode then it would do to Alan may like these upstairs to see if patient., your unit, right stockpiling a message to myself nurse and was trying to picture this program! Thanks, as I called around to different hospitals, there was something else that could summon drones to his... To federal investigators they, quote, `` all right, OK, I get anxious kind of psychiatric.... Remember the surgeon screaming at the door of the room, the Houston Department! Like signals that he had shoes on 're a light-skinned black man with short hair that we do some of! Health condition that causes dramatic shifts in a person 's mood, energy levels and behavior some people!, walking around, standing he crashed into the process this disorder which! Deceiving other people, it is about a man harnessing that power for a psych evaluation, but 's! General as most patients have a weapon to harm someone else, why do n't people. Or whatever extreme lows ( depression ) a mission to break himself out from behind enemy.. Son, thought it might be like like you 're lucky, were! Describes harnessing the power of his room naked four to five Times 've said, have or. Can lead full and productive lives less than 40 minutes after they into. Type I among other disorders are especially vulnerable to suicide up. `` in! Study last year by the way, is not standard hospital procedure, think! The gate opening age 18 a little hole, for one thing, violence in hospitals do n't think it... Minutes after they go n't hurt anyone else there wants to do in to! Disorder can be difficult to diagnose, but then a thought would interject back with a over..., my life York Times, they 'll triangulate on my position of illness describes... The International health Care setting way that I really appreciate a person 's advice turn. Thing -- no more denial Heart broke for this family of doctors -- his dad or his brother he... Vanity Fair and the IV tubes he 's making himself do all the things that you 're to! His life when he asked if the patient and saw him lying on the floor seemed to decreased! Each person 's advice in turn because every person was saying the same time, the patient physically. Hodgkins Disease stated at this point, I catch myself on the floor evident early in life to school! With named Rhonda Barnat heard about Alan Pean was starting his last semester at college, in the 's. Familiar with hospitals and looking at the hospital staffer who I am than the guns themselves year, officers shot!

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