“The Girl Who Became a Man”: What Does The Daughter Of The Singer Cher, Who Became a Man 9 Years Ago, Look Like Now!

Cher’s real name is Sherilyn Bono Allman, and this spring she celebrated her 73rd birthday.

In March 1969, Cher became a mother for the first time – her daughter was born. The girl was named Chastity, in honor of the heroine of the film.

Cher’s husband Sonny Bono, who worked with her in a duet, was very happy about the birth of his daughter. Among his busy schedule, he tried to find as much time as possible to spend with his family.

Chastity grew up as a reserved child. Having problems with being overweight, she was often teased by her peers.

It was difficult to find beautiful women’s clothing in plus sizes, and Chastity increasingly began to wear jeans and shirts. And soon she realized that she was not interested in outfits and cosmetics at all.

Having reached adulthood, Cher’s daughter admitted that she does not have quivering feelings for the male half of humanity. She is interested in female representatives.

In 2008, Chastity began taking male hormones and ancillary drugs, and later underwent sex reassignment surgery.

In 2010, by a court decision, the gender and name of the girl were changed. Chastity has officially become a man, choosing a new name for herself – Chaz Bono.

It has been 9 years since the sex change. During this time, Chaz got used to his new status and lifestyle.

Having traveled a difficult path to achieve his dream, Chaz learned a lot of interesting things. He put his knowledge into a documentary film, which premiered in 2011, and also published a book about his life.

Now Chaz is engaged in activist work, defending the rights of people and works in a major magazine. He is 50 years old, he quickly adapted to his appearance, lost a few dozen extra pounds and found a girlfriend.

Chaz is building a career in the film industry. He starred in two seasons of American Horror Story and plans to continue working in this direction.

And this is what the actor looks like now!


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“The Girl Who Became a Man”: What Does The Daughter Of The Singer Cher, Who Became a Man 9 Years Ago, Look Like Now!
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