Olympic gold medalists wow with “Bridge Over Troubled Water” ice dance at the age of 60

Skating around the ice may sound like a quick way to earn bruises and fractured ribs for many individuals in their twenties and thirties, but Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean were here to show that they still had it years after they left.

Most people would not expect to see a 60-year-old pair on the ice, but it was a chance for Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean to recapture their golden days.

Jayne and Christopher skated as a pair over forty years ago and won Olympic gold, earning twelve flawless points. They still maintain the record for the most points scored by a figure skater in history

This unexpected appearance occurred on the British ice skating show Dancing on Ice. Jayne and Christopher, the show’s judges, chose to shock the crowd with what could have been their last appearance.

“Can we sense those 35 years in our bodies? Yes! When you reach a certain age, the downhill slope begins. “These days, every time we perform, we feel as if it’s our last,” Christopher explained. “So, each time we skate, it seems like a little extra bonus. It’s quite emotional.”

Even before the duo started skating, you could feel these emotions flowing out of the performance if you watched the video. The audience cheered as they slid to the center of the floor.

They soared over the floor as they lifted off, and the years appeared to slide from their shoulders. However, words cannot do this performance justice. Look at this beautiful dance for yourself to understand what we mean.

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