Pink stopped performing at the event after noticing a poster among the midst of fans: everyone was sobbing.

Pink, the famous singer, traveled to Australia last week to perform at a few gigs.

The celebrity abruptly stopped a concert during one of her performances. The cause for this was a poster in the crowd, which one of the supporters was holding.

This poster was later taken from the hands of a small girl and put closer to the stage so that the singer could view it.

The poster’s substance is unlikely to leave anyone unmoved. There was a note from a 14-year-old girl named Leah.

The youngster has lately lost her mother, according to her. She’s not feeling well right now. Pink received a request next to it: the girl wanted to hug her.

Pink was so moved by the poster that she halted her performance, ran down the hall, found the girl, and hugged her fiercely.

Leah, 14, fell into tears in response.

Pink consoled her, telling her that things weren’t as awful as they seemed and that things will get better sooner or later. Pink then signed the young girl’s autograph and took a photo with her as a souvenir.

According to reports, Leah’s aunt, Katrina, also attended the singer’s event.

She informed the singer that the kid had been saving for Pink’s show for a long time and had purchased tickets with her mother, who died a month before the show. Katrina created the sign urging people to embrace Leah in order to show her support for her niece.

Pink’s performance was well received by her fans. In their perspective, the artist backed the fan not in words but in practice. So, for the first time in a month, she felt content.

Pink is a mother of two children, it should be stated. So, evidently, such a tragedy is not an empty term for her.

After the singer returned to the stage, she encouraged everyone in attendance to phone their moms and inquire about their well-being. What great counsel!

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