“Swollen and With deep Wrinkles”: What The First Beauty of Hollywood Looks Like Now!

The star of the films “Dynasty” and “Melrose Place” was once one of Hollywood’s most enviable beauties.

Heather Locklear was the owner of impeccable facial features that made her very recognizable, bright and even special. The beauty had many fans and she could not hide from the fans who so wanted to get an autograph from her.

Such popularity turned the head of the luxurious blonde. Along with star disease, gaps in work began. Producers stopped offering roles to Locklear, and after that the actress was practically left without work.

Such a sharp drop from popularity to obscurity hit Heather hard, she began to abuse alcohol and illegal substances. The actress could appear on the street with an unwashed and disheveled head.


Locklear’s problems were instantly reflected in her appearance. The face of the once beautiful woman swelled up, deep wrinkles appeared, and the contour swam.

Now the star of the series is 61 years old. For the past few years, Heather has been trying to take care of herself, but dangerous hobbies have not been able to pass without a trace. The appearance of the actress has changed beyond recognition. But still, the refusal of alcohol and illegal substances helped Locklear at least return to work, even in second-rate low-budget series.

So the star of “Dynasty” was photographed while going to the store. The Hollywood star wore a black cap, T-shirt and elongated tight shorts. Locklear’s figure has changed a lot, but for her age she looks pretty good.


The actress did not forget about makeup either, shading her eyes with a black kayal. But this makeup turned out to be so unsuccessful that it emphasized all the swelling and wrinkles under Heather’s eyes.

Fans seeing this photo were shocked and could not believe their eyes!

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“Swollen and With deep Wrinkles”: What The First Beauty of Hollywood Looks Like Now!
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